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Series 1000 Steam Vapor

Series 1000 Steam Vapor

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Our Steam Vapor Cleaner Series 1000 Steam Vapor additionally offers the following advantages: Reduction of solvents, detergents, disinfectants and residuals to drain off Reduction of Labor costs Reduction of Inventory costs (no need for chemicals & solvents in inventory) Quickness of execution and real autonomy for work Increase in productivity Prolongation of the useful life of your equipment Safe cleaning of equipment and work areas - even while in use Absolutely ecological system that guaranties total non-toxicity Continuous Flow of Water from Holding Tank to Boiler Chemical Injection system for Citrus and Sealers Detachable Front Hose for Storage Accessories included with The Series 1000 Steam Vapor Continuous Flow - 1-12" large area brush with towel clip for floors & walls 1-11' steam hose 1 medium area brush with towel clip 1 medium round brush 1 triangle brush 2 single-hole detail brush attachment 5 small nylon detail brushes 5 small stainless steel detail brushes 4 small brass detail brushes 2 straight metal extensions 1 window & glass cleaner 1 cloth 1 funnel Detailed instruction manual The Chemical Injection system is commonly used for Tile, Grout and Surface sealers and also Citrus (for the removal of heavy graffiti)

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