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START YOUR OWN BUSINESS No Franchise Fees Earn $100 -$300.00 an Hour or More No Advertising No Website Needed Basic Training Included Imagine Being Your Own Boss - You make your own hours Make your investment back in six months or less ( Many have ) Completely unique business model No competition Can be performed in any city anywhere in the world ! DO YOU TALK TO YOURSELF ? If you do , I'm sure you've had this conversation "If there was a way to get ahead instead of constantly struggling to just stay afloat, I'd do it." Everybody wants to break out of living from paycheck to paycheck. At this time in our nation's economy with bailouts and unemployment increasing to new heights never before experienced in the last 100 years, it's time to start thinking outside the box more than ever. If you don't consider new income sources, where you can control your income instead of somebody else controlling it for you, you will soon be behind the 8 Ball. Saving money for a house or setting money aside for your children's education is now a pipe dream with a distant future. Staying ahead of the dwindling financial curve the banks and loan companies have sucked us into is a key lifesaving component now. You need to concentrate on what to do now, not six months from now! Many people often overlook countless opportunities because they think they're out of their reach. This doesn't necessarily have to be the case ! Read this important information and learn about the opportunities available to you! What would stop you from making a commitment that would allow you to control your own future? What would keep you from the dream of owning your own business ? Let's break it down into categories: I will deal with these issues point by point. However, let me begin with one item that hasn't been mentioned thus far, but is the most important ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK HARD AND LEARN TO WORK SMART ??? Take a moment of your time to simply read this information and explore the possibility of owning and operating your own business. One that is uniquely different than all the rest. The vast majority of people say they can work hard; but do they really ? There is no short cut in building a successful business. A key factor that distinguishes success from failure is the ability to set a goal and through hard work achieve it. I say this because so many people want to make so much for doing so little. Marketing companies play into this desire by promising vast sums of money for "working part- time in your spare hours". This is a formula for failure! Not to say that some computer genius's on the internet are making money but the vast majority are buying into these get rich websites that take months if not years of trial and error just to break even because it's a whole new animal to tame. To be successful you must get involved with a company and product that has a proven track record. Most companies bring you to a seminar, pump you up and send you out to conquer the world with motivational tapes in hand. They spin stories about some real estate deal that everyone can make thousands in a couple months because of the uneven marketplace. Today there are countless online get rich quick programs that take hours upon hours just to understand the simple concepts they teach. These principals and concepts change continuously due to the nature of today's unstable economy. The STEAMTECH CORPORATION, on the other hand, has a tangible product and service that fills a very real need in the Food Service Industry (restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food processing plants, etc.). Why This Business Works ? Let me share something with you that I've learned through my personal experience of owning my own business for the past 35 years. I will help you understand a business you never even knew existed. You have probably never given this one concept a thought in your entire life and neither did I way back when. It has to do with restaurants; yes can you believe it, RESTAURANTS ! We might frequent them from time to time as a customer but they are a source of untapped revenue for the outsider looking to make great money and be their own boss. For the last 35 years I have made a machine that cleans these restaurants and have profited beyond my wildest dreams. Why, because kitchens have to be cleaned constantly, period. A major problem that all Food Service owners/operators have is trying to keep their kitchen areas degreased and sanitized. An impossible task because primarily they are still trying to clean manually with employees using mops, buckets and chemicals. If you have ever been in a restaurant kitchen you must have noticed how poor the sanitation level is. Manual labor is just not an effective method to really getting a kitchen sanitized to meet today's industry's standards. The GOOD NEWS is that only a few restaurants own high tech sanitation equipment. Can you believe it? Instead, they clean their places much like they have for the past 150 years, with a brush, mop, bleach, and rags! Restaurants are required by law to be inspected for health violations (and can be shut down in a moment's notice if they don't pass) on a constant basis. Cleaning with this antiquated method is inefficient and ineffective, and is often responsible for the owner receiving citations and fines yet they don't know anything else. Restaurants need a CLEANING SERVICE to stay in business. With your STEAMTECH MACHINE you step right into their back door and clean a few items as a Free Demo. Once they see your machine clean what takes them many hours and several employees to clean, they are sold. STEAMTECH uses no chemicals, rags or brushes, another savings for the owner and the environment. STEAMTECH uses super hot 240⁰ of grease melting water. STEAMTECH literally cleans ten times faster and deeper than ANY method the industry has to offer. Today's Restaurant Market First of all, STEAMTECH isn't interested in you selling our equipment to the restaurant; we are placing in your hands the tool that can make you over $100,000 a year and more. ( There is another way of making money if the owner wants the machine later on after seeing it's many uses and you make money on that as well ) You will perform a brief demo for these restaurants and will then clean them with a small crew for a fee every week or twice a month. YOU make the rules. This is a large cash flow tool like never before. The clincher is that they NEED you because the restaurant has to be sanitized. The best way to explain this is to shine a light on what's happening today. Let's go back to today's economy. Companies are laying people off in all sorts of businesses and the restaurant trade is no different. In the restaurant industry the first to go are the vegetable cutters, kitchen helpers and cleaning people, sounds nuts but those are the people that are deemed expendable. The cost savings for a restaurant is about $1200.00 per person laid off per month. The average restaurant has two to three people that are about $3600.00 plus possible benefits (meals, uniforms, workman's comp and theft). The average restaurant is saving about $4500-5000 a month with them gone. Restaurant owners need that capitol difference to stay afloat and profit. Then you ask who cleans them, well you have your Chef and his assistant who is now doubling as the kitchen cleaner and you have the owners who have to roll their sleeves up to help make the place pass inspection. These people stay longer hours and less time with their families. They hate it and wish there was a solution. You are that solution ! There are large corporate cleaning companies who actually contract for a year at a time and charge high fees for cleaning with the same old methods, (Rags, Brooms and Bleach and a lot of people). Because the people in the crews change constantly, they are largely inefficient and no matter how many people are there, the finish results are poor at best. Many times these kitchens are inspected after a new crew shows up and they don't pass and it's no surprise. They are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the proper method. Once they are ridiculed for their poor work, they quit and the cleaning crew is less more employees again with the revolving door constantly swinging with new people who have no clue how to clean right. Not a good option, so something has to be done, that's where you step in. YOU have the solution ! This next sentence is the whole business model where no advertising is needed, just you ! You simply visit a few restaurants a day and let them (the owners) know that you degrease and sanitize with the STEAMTECH MACHINE. Once they see pictures or a short video, you offer to do a short, 10 minute demo at the rear of the restaurant without charge and you have begun your business. This is where the magic is performed because they don't believe it will do what you say.. then they see it with their own eyes and ask you for a quote. That simple. When a restaurant uses a STEAMTECH MACHINE they can keep their kitchen degreased and sanitized at a fraction of the cost (no chemicals, no employees, minimal water) that they now spend for employees to do it. The best feature of the unit is that it's engineered to cut grease without any chemicals and do it in about 75% less time and effort. The STEAMTECH MACHINE takes normal cold water from the tap, pressurizes it and superheats it to grease melting and sanitizing temperatures. No other machine in the world does what STEAMTECH does, not pressure washers, not garden hoses with pressure tips, nothing. Once they see how you can clean cement and tile/grout to NEW in seconds, remove chewing gum and clean rubber mats to NEW in seconds, and trash cans to NEW in seconds, it's a done deal. The STEAMTECH MACHINE even cleans drains, which is just one more money-making advantage over anything else. If they don't say yes they're either totally blind, stupid or flat broke. Final Thought for the close Consider this common sense scenario, if you lay off three people and can now have your place cleaned better with no chemicals than before for half the monies, would you, of course the answer is YES! It's easy to see why any owner would easily pay $1200-2000 a month to have their place cleaned and pass inspection every time and still be able to save. Once you have acquired 25 places at $800.00 to $1200 (sometimes more depending restaurant size) per location per month, you are looking at $14,400.00 per month. Pay your help and expenses at around $4400. And you are netting $10,000.00 clear profit per month! Ask yourself this one question, are you NOW making that kind of money ? I thought so, so how do you get started ? Read on. Other Opportunities beyond Restaurants. HEALTHCARE AND HOSPITALS - THE NEW FRONTIER I didn't speak about this earlier because I wanted the ease of the Food Service Business to convince you that you are on the right road to success. With the Healthcare business, you with your Steamtech Series III or Series IV you hold in your hand a machine that can not only sanitize whatever they have, you'll be saving lives. Sound's crazy but it's true. Today thousands of people die in hospitals because of staph infections, MRSA , H1N1 , flesh eating bacteria's and bacteria that is on wheelchairs, portable carts, beds, kitchens, and walkers and more. This machine simply kills all of these in seconds, that is a fact and not some sales pitch. You have to ask yourself why are all the healthcare owners in the dark on this and we feel it's because they just don't know this process is available in this small package. They want to save money and be efficient but a rag and elbow grease with some Windex to clean is not the answer to today's infections. The Series III can make a wheelchair look brand new in 5 minutes compared to a worker cleaning with a rag and some simple green. On top of that it's completely sanitized and can pass a swab test for any bacteria. Nursing homes and every possible item that comes in contact with a patient is a must to clean with pure steam that kills all bacteria instantly always. This is an open market. We don't know of any company that is currently doing this on any basis. The average nursing home has 50 to 75 wheelchairs, when cleaned for an average of 60 units @ $10.00 a chair, that's $600.00. Forgot the good part, it takes FIVE MINUTES to clean one inside out. If my math is right, that's $600.00 for three hours work ! You haven't touch beds or carts or mats or their kitchen ! Little gold mines in all cities. DOG AND CAT KENNELS/PUBLIC SPCA KENNELS Do you have any idea why public dog kennels smell so bad, of course you do. All these years the cities have not found a way to eliminate the smell and waste issues. Their answer has always been harsh chemicals and the use of massive amounts of water to flood the surfaces they just put the chemicals on so that the dogs will not be affected of their feet and coats. It doesn't work as many dogs get sick and die and they should know better but as insane as this sounds, it's done every day in dog pounds across the United States. The enormous water usage is beyond crazy as you have an average of 8 to 10 gallons a minute used to flush the chemicals and waste down the drain not once but as much as three to four times making sure the chemicals are gone, but then what about the horrible smell that the chemical masked and then the smell for a few minutes, it's gone replaced by dog fecal matter and urine ! This is your golden opportunity, no pun intended. Believe it or not, Water is extremely expensive these days when much is over used per month it gets costly used in one facility. Dog kennels get no discounts or free ride from municipalities; they pay the regular going rate as you or I and actually more because there are fines for overages in usage and they are fined. If you single handedly can cut their cost on water usage by half beside not using the chemicals that hurt the animals you’ve won a client. Do you know what happens when steam through a jet nozzle at 250 degrees hits cement ? Cement has pores much like your skin. These pores hold the fecal matter and urine, Cold water traps them in and gives off the smell we have grown accustom to with kennels. When a Steamtech machine hits the cement at that temperature it simply lifts the bad order smelling matter and it travels down the drain gone in seconds and forever. No brushes, no chemicals, no rags, nothing ! What normally takes six to eight hours to clean and sometimes longer because of the water usage to eliminate the chemical residue, the Steamtech does in one third the time and it's done ! Smell is gone and people become happy with your results they never knew existed. If you get an account to clean a kennel, guess what, you use their water and electric to operate your machine. Your machine only operates with two gallons a minute while saving them eight gallons of water a minute. What they save having you there cleaning will pay for itself in four months instead of a year with chemicals and massive water use and they don't need to hire and employee at $2000 a month to get the same results more bad smells. I'm not done there's one more nugget in the dog kennel business that is built in to the model they have Animal Service Trucks ! How do you think they clean these babies, with Windex and paper towels ? Your right ! Our small Series 400 Steam Vapor units are perfect for cleaning these and again eliminating another odor area that stinks to high heaven. They use only 70 PSI of steam vapor instead of the 1000 PSI the larger machines uses and there is practically no water issues inside the lockers of the trucks. Once cleaned with steam vapor these can have a pleasant air freshener sprayed on them and everyone is happy, including the driver. Two good sized pounds and eight trucks each is about $3000 each a month, maybe more depending upon the size. Are you making $6000 a month now ? Need to make more, just add one kennel a month because you now have happy customer references and your expenses are insanely low, propane and worker (s) that's it. Tell me one negative on this one besides the first time cleaning because after that it becomes less and less smell for the kennel and the public with you cleaning it. THE NO ADVERTISING BUSINESS There's not one new business venture out there that can beat this. Advertising accounts for roughly 30-40% financial output of one's start-up capital for the first years in business. Not with a Steamtech. Maybe $10.00 for Vista Print Business cards, that's it. The key believe this statement is this one sentence. The important thing is people don't believe you. They don't want to be sold, they like entertainment. If you fully understand that statement and do as I say, you win every time. You can walk in to a Restaurant, a Country Club, a Hotel, a Dog Kennel, a Fitness Center ! Ask to do a demo with your phone or an iPad. We have videos on our website and on YouTube, use these to quickly convince your possible untrusting new client of what this machine does in seconds. It takes only minutes to share. There is no need for websites, color brochures, flyers, etc. Simply walk into the place of business, ask for the owner, tell them what you do as to the unique use of steam in comparison to using a brush and rag and a bottle Pinesol and do a free 10 minute demo at his backdoor once the video has been seen. Sometimes they don't even have to see a video to start the conversation. As for the demo, once done, they are ALWAYS impressed because every single restaurant is dirty. It's then a matter of how much, how many square feet, how many drains, carts, gum removal, etc. Advertising of any sort wouldn't work, seeing is believing and they cannot discount the truth in realism from filthy dirty to new looking in 30 seconds or less is the convincer. And Another Opportunity FITNESS CENTERS/GYMS These little babies are the ultimate breeding grounds for bacteria of all types. People don't understand how badly they are cleaned. From the equipment that you work out on to the sink you wash your hands to the shower to the bench you put your shoes on, all have boatloads of bacteria. Problem is, you can't see it and if it smells good in the dressing room instead of smelling like dirty gym socks, your brain will be fooled to think it's perfect because if it smells good like Windex or an air freshener then it must be ok, it's not. For this type of business you will need something that gauges the bacteria level and you can show the owner the before and after results. This can be done on sinks, showers, even the exercise equipment. Today all gyms are cleaned the same, a rag and chemical of some sort. NOT STEAM ! When using 250 to 300 degrees of steam, all bacteria die on contact, no chemicals needed and you can prove it to all the gym owners in seconds. Much like the demo for a restaurant that cleans something dirty to something looking brand new in 10 seconds, there is a method to prove your point and it wins every time. Today's Most Popular Cleaning Concept ! Here’s the most recent Money Maker for the Steamtech Machines RESTAURANT DRAIN CLEANING BUSINESS This is so simple yet NOBODY is doing it because you need the machine which is 250 degrees plus. Every single restaurant has to perform this function every month because all drains in the cooking area of the restaurant SMELL. They are almost always clogged up with old cold grease and old food plus the bugs that live inside. They attempt with old methods to clean the drains for clogs and build-up of grease and the bugs that live and thrive on the grease there. They put bleach and Pinesol down the drains to stop the smell but it's a temporary fix that NEVER works, plus that chemical smell moves itself into the eating area, so the public is smelling chemicals instead of cooked food. Standard roto-rooters do not remove grease ever, it just moves it around. Nothing can rid the drains of these issues except STEAM ! You simply take our custom made drain wand and place it down the drain for five minutes per drain ( most restaurants have 30 or more ) and in less than two hours, your done and their drains are free of smell, bugs and all the grease. This machine blows all the grease to the main line 100 feet. Think about this logic. You simply do two restaurants a day with 30 drains at $50.00 a drain, that's $3000.00 a day , $15,000.00 a week or $60,000.00 a month ! Do you understand the opportunity this service has No advertising, no website, no employees ( unless you bought more machines and duplicated yourself ). There is nothing more to this except simply walking into a restaurant and asking the owner to do the service. Just so you know, they are already paying for this service without a steam machine cleaning. Pest control cost normally about $400.00 a month , drain cleaning is about another $500.00 and neither one works. Oh, did I remind you these clients your cleaning drains for need this service every three months ? So take these numbers and multiply them by four. Now do you see the awesome potential. Oh yeah, there's no competition in this business venture as well. THE BIG TRUCKS STEAM MONSTERS ON THE ROAD You've seen them, a trailer with a water tank and a huge machine the size of a small car on it. There are all kinds of hoses, spinner units and generators for various different applications and job models. They are either on a trailer pulled by a truck or they are attached to a truck, these machines are NOT what you need nor are they in the same business we have been talking about. Stay away from these. The sole purpose behind these large high pressure monsters is to clean sidewalks and parking garages. That's it, that's all ! They are not made for what we have been discussing. They are not portable, they only heat up to 140 degrees on their best day and they are generally 3000 PSI or more, which RUINS cement taking the top smooth layer off. Most people never research the cement cleaning industry before they shell out between $15,000 to $45,000 for a truck or trailer. The surprise they get is this. When you place a bid to clean a location you are doing so with 20-40 other companies doing the same thing, you better be the lowest bid or the truck sits in your drive way for another week not being used. And what do you get at the lowest bid, maybe a 5% profit after paying for filling up water at your location and hauling water to the job site as well as the gas, the propane gas and the generator gas and the over-all time and labor. It's not worth it in anyway. For the vast endless area of cleaning a parking structure is a boring nightmare and you are doing it alone all night, because people are parked there in the day time. Now you have a night job. Do you really want this ? I didn't think so. GETTING STARTED Well, if you are ready now, you can call STEAMTECH (1-877-726-4832) or (909) 628-8466 and let us answer any questions you might have. When it comes to this business, we know from our experience that you can succeed, you just need to do it and it's that simple. If you think this is rocket science or some computer program that has a five month learning curve, you're wrong. It's easy but it involves work. If you think it's a desk job of some sort, you're reading the wrong business model. You can have your life back with your own business. STEAMTECH WEBSITE / or On the STEAMTECH WEBSITE we have a finance link available half way down on the right side of the page, simply click on that and you will see a company, LCA Leasing - who does start- ups now. They are our leasing source for many sales we make, even for people who want to purchase units from you. Local Small Banks or Credit Unions There is no need to stop by Chase, Wells Fargo or Bank of America. These banks have no interest in helping small business's such as yours. Despite what they may say on TV, they want your house or child as collateral and nothing less. Don't waste your time. Always do business with a small bank, they care, they remember your name and they are there to help you out. Small Banks and Credit Unions might be a good place to start if you have a credit score above 650 or higher. There is no money down as there is with a lease and the rates could be better and generally are. Explain your business concept to them, show them your homework of the potential clients that need the service you have to offer. If you simply start banking there, a line of credit is a good starting point where you have enough to buy the equipment and enough to run your business. When you think about it, you really don't need a storefront, signs or other business normality's. You will need a small van or cargo van or small truck with a shell. You will need to get bonded for insurance purposes to cover you in case of any accidents inside or around a business you are working. Most places won't ask but it's the best insurance to show the new client you're covered. Curtis Funding Group is our one of a kind Leasing company and will help you in getting you what you need to have your equipment in less than a week as they have some new start up business leasing you can evaluate. If you think your credit is less than desirable (and who's is great these days) fill the form out anyway, we get most financed. You need to speak with Phil via his email. . Phil Tarchala Curtis Funding Group 61 Oakwood Dr. Coldwater, MI 49036 T 269-657-6384 | F 888.548-9213 SHARING YOUR STORY TO RAISE CAPITAL Do you know how movies that are in the theaters are financed and for millions ? Some of the 800 releases a year, 90% are failures, yet people continue to invest in the insane business of movie making because it's glamorous and if you are part of the 10% and hit a home run you can win. You have a business that's real and there is a real need and basically nobody is doing it like you. You only need a few clients and your successful, who wouldn't help for a percentage interest back on their monies loaned. When you start any business you have to make a commitment to your future. Part of this commitment is start-up expenses. If you don't want to use STEAMTECH'S financing, that's understandable because there is a finance charge to loan the capital needed to get you started just like a credit card or bank loan. There are options Many people feel that it is impossible to raise a small amount of monies to get started and therefore never pursue their goals, however, they are under-estimating their own abilities. There are times in your adult life that you have to step outside of your " Day Job " comfort zone and see that there is a real possibility here to make something of your life without the control of former bosses who never had a clue about your job and how it was performed. So ask yourself this question again, why is it then that people feel it is impossible to raise capital to make money ? Consider this one thought, if you have family or friends that can help in this endeavor, at least you can show them this is a workable business that the investment can be paid back over the course of a year and both will profit. IT'S NOT PRETTY OUT THERE Before you give some final thoughts to what I have shared with you, please consider what will happen if you do nothing. It will be just like yesterday and the day before it, an endless road with no fixed destination. Watching the many victims on the evening news that are being laid off after many years of good service to the companies they were employed. In those numerous examples there is nothing to do except find yet another job to be let go from again or look for a new horizon. Remember, the Great Depression lasted for ten long years. Consider this new venture as an opportunity that doesn't come along but once in a blue moon. Other focused individuals are making a fine living at this business, why not you ? Lastly, how can you overcome a fear of failure? It helps if you have confidence in the product and its marketability. However, in the end its self-confidence in yourself and desire to set and meet goals those are the critical factors. With STEAMTECH'S guidance and direction in the beginning, you will be on your way to regaining the dreams you once had before the house of cards came down with the economy. If you want to do something good in the world, this might be it. The next step in the right direction is YOU. Are YOU worth it? Thank you for your time, Dave Paton President Steamtech Corp. Call us now at : 1 (877) 726-4832 or 909-628-8466
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