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Series III Stainless Steel Deluxe Steam Sanitation Unit

Series III Stainless Steel Deluxe Steam Sanitation Unit

Product Information
The Steamtech SERIES III commercial propane fired steam cleaner is the largest of the three smaller industrial propane cleaners. The unit only requires 115 VAC, and it will still give a powerful cleaning performance just like the professionals. The SERIES III is recommended for areas over 1,000 square feet or a large amount of equipment that would require cleaning. The Series III is an invaluable asset to any sanitation program and allows operators to attain a clean and sanitized production environment quickly and cost effectively. This unit has alum-mag coils, not stainless steel. Specifications Series III Steam Pressure 1000 PSI 173 Bar Water Volume 2.2 GPM 8 Lt/m Temperature Range Cold to 330 F Cold to 166 C Dimensions 25" x 30" x 48" 63cm x 75cm x 122cm Weight 230 Lbs 105 Kg Fuel Clean Burning LPG or Natural Gas , and Series VI are the larger Food Processing Models. Combining high pressure, high temperature and low water volume, our Series III allows you to clean places both inside and out.

Accessories that are included:

•    50' High Pressure Steam Hose
•    4' Wand with Trigger Gun
•    Fan and Blast Nozzle
•    L.P. Gas Regulator with quick connect
•    Fuel Pressure and Temperature Gauges

Optional accessories include:
•    Stainless steel body and/or coils
•    Heat Deflector
•    25', 50', or 100' high pressure steam hoses
•    40 lb L.P. (vaporous) gas tank with or without gauge
•    Stack, duct or sewer nozzle cleaning attachments
•    50' garden hose
•    External chemical injection system
•    2.5 ft or snub nose wand
•    Water softener with cartridge

The SERIES III propane stream cleaner is clean burning and can be used with or without chemicals for the toughest of cleaning jobs. The unit has low water volume (2.0 g.p.m.), maximum temperatures of 350°F/ 176°C and the output pressure is a robust 1000 PSI/ 85 bar. As with all of the propane units, the safety features include an electronic pilot ignition, high temperature limit switch, pressure relief valve and flow switch.  

Safety Features:
•    Electronic Pilot Ignition
•    Hi-Temperature Limit Switch
•    Pressure Relief Valve
•    Flow Switch

•    Stainless Steel Body

Maximum Input Temperature    140°F/60°C
Maximum Output Temperature    350°F/176°C
Output Pressure    1300 PSI/85 bar
Water Volume    2.2 gpm
Fuel    L.P. Gas
Burner Output    200,000 btu/hr.

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